A selection of videos which capture some special moments in my life.

Cinemawave - Ocean Passage (2012) 

We filmed this on the Thames one sunny Saturday morning and attracted the attention of a lot of tourists in the area - it was great fun!

Beautiful Wife (2014)

I wanted to do something special for my wife on our wedding day so I wrote a song and made this video - it's very cheesy but if you can't indulge in a bit of cheese on your wedding day then when can you? Thanks to Jon Dames & Paul Smith for help with the music and video.

Cinemawave - Monsoon Love (2012) 

We recorded this video in Camden Barfly, the night Amy Winehouse, a resident and regular in Camden, sadly passed away. It was a bittersweet night.

Cinemawave - Monsoon Love (2012) Soccer A.M.

Having our single played on the legendary football T.V show on Sky Sports as the backing track to the League 2 goals round-up was a real honour - it's typical that Hartlepool United drew 0-0 that week!

Special Olympics GB - Trip of a Lifetime (2012/13)

I wrote a song for the athletes representing GB at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2013 in South Korea. I wrote it at home and recorded it in an IT training room with colleagues at my former firm - we invited the athletes and their parents to join us and sing along!

Thanks to Jon Dames, Paul Smith and Menna Haf for helping with music. 

SOGB - Trip of a Lifetime (live in South Korea!)

I was lucky enough to travel with the SOGB team to South Korea for the Special Olympics  World Winter Games in South Korea. By now, the athletes and coaching staff knew all the words to Trip of a Lifetime. The night we arrived, we bumped into the New Zealand team. They asked us to perform the song so we did - right in the middle of the hallway!

Special Olympics New Zealand - performing the Haka in South Korea! (2013) 

In return for our performance of Trip of a Lifetime, the NZ team performed their own unique take on the Haka - I simply love this video!


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