Odd Socks is an action-packed family adventure story from exciting new author R.A Powell.

Available via Waterstones, Barnes & Noble (US) and Amazon in paperback and e-book from 21/09/18. 

R.A Powell's debut novel is set in the town of Socksville, where the people have no choice but to work in the Big Factory on the Big Hill to earn money to feed their families. The factory produces all of the socks for the entire world and is owned by Mr Foot, a very rich, nasty, and greedy man who will do anything to make as much money as possible. He treats his family, factory workers and the community terribly, not even the Police can stop him. 

However, Mr Foot unwittingly faces his biggest challenge yet when his teenage twins, Frankie and Junior, decide that they have finally had enough of his despicable behaviour. With the support of a pair of very special odd socks, named Sophie and Henry, and an international team of clothing accessories, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to bring down Mr Foot's business empire. But can they make it out of Mr Foot's enormous mansion? And can they save Frankie and Junior's Mum (the long suffering Mrs Foot) and the people of Socksville in the process? 


Odd Socks is 245 pages of non-stop action, told through the eyes of an international party of socks and clothing accessories. It can be enjoyed by any human being from the age of six years old.


Scroll down to find out more about Sophie, Henry, Mr Foot and co. 

Odd Socks Front Cover jpeg.jpg
Odd Socks Front Cover jpeg.jpg

Welcome to the crazy world of Odd Socks! 

Let me introduce you to the wild and whacky characters...

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